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Hi, my name is Het and I'm hopelessly obcessed with Radiohead

This little community was looking shamefully bare so I thought I'd post and say hello. Even though 2/3 of you know me already. D'oh.
Where are all the other addicts?! I know they exist, I've seen the cheesecake thread. 800 ish pages. There's my holiday gone catching them all up!

So. Um. Hi.
Check out my icon of Dooo00000oooOOOOOoooo0000000oom! I can't help imagining squeechy noises going with it and then laughing. Damn. But if I ignore that thought it is super hot.

Alice and Jasmine, have you written any more of The Phantom Coat Pocket Defiler? And could one of you send me it so far cause it's a crying shame to leave it unfinished.

(Oh, and Alice, can I be a mod in both senses of the word rather than merely the one? >__0)
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